In motion: assorted zip bags, Suebees, Fleur and Fauna totes, Alpacas and Alpaca Deluxes. In the planning stage: messenger bags, Tillies, Kipsters, Morning Glories, Raccoons, more mahjong tote and tile sets, Gopher fanny packs.

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A drawstring case for your mahjong mat, The Mattie

sleeve for mahjong mat with optional shoulder strap

The Mattie is a drawstring sleeve for your mahjong mat (31" x 31") designed to be used alone or attached to my Tote-ster rack and tile set. Add an optional shoulder strap and carry it like you would a quiver full of arrows!



39" long

7" wide

custom made case for mahjong mat

Mahjong mat pictured is 31" x 31". Mat not included.

sleeve for carrying mahjong mat

drawstring case for mahjong mat


outer shell is a cotton print

Silver gray nylon packcloth
Stain resistant
Water repellent

Drawstring closure with cord lock


Add an adjustable shoulder strap to carry hands free

case for mahjong mat with optional shoulder strap

Buying to use with the Tote-ster?

Add a carabiner, set the Mattie on top of the Tote-ster, clip the carabiner to the center d-ring and then to the handle on the Tote-ster. This will allow you to carry the set without the Mattie sliding off.

case for mahjong mat