In motion: Alpacas, mahjong tote and tile bag sets, large Zinis. In the planning stage: Otters, wallet on a string, Matties, Racker, Racker and large Zini sets, Suebees, large Kipsters.

Contact me to place a custom order, ask for help or receive a "newly in stock" email for mahjong sets.

Only Colorado residents pay sales tax!


Customers, their bags and kudos 4

Many thanks to one of my regular customers, Rodneia, for sending these great pics of her kids and their bags. So cute!




Many thanks to one of my long time Australian customers, Jude, for sharing these awesome pics of her daughter, modeling her brand new padded case, an Elm Deluxe.

Isn't she great?



I am so pleased to share this wonderful collage sent to me by Genevieve. How cool is this?
zoe's bag boutique

Many thanks to one of my customers who likes my Kipster knitting bags. Becky sent along this photograph of her shell Kipster at Bethany Beach.



I LOVE this bag!!! It is excellently made and the fabric is soft yet durable. The shoulder strap is wide and does not DIG into my skin as it's soft as well. So pretty!!! I wish Zoe could make all of my clothing too LOL!  Cynthia
crow graveyard shoulder bag
Thanks to Stéphanie in Belgium, for sending me this great photograph of her Kipster, which she is using for crochet projects.

crochet project bag



I received a custom order request last year, for 7 coin purses, each made with a different bowling themed fabric. I am so pleased to share this wonderful photograph with you, of the recipients of those coin purses, taken in the bowling alley! Many thanks to Susan for sharing this with us.



They have arrived. They are beautiful. Beyond expectations. I will use the pencil case to carry makeup brushes during travel. And the knitting bag is perfect. Will fit a project without being overly large. Just perfect and the kitty fabric is superb! And the liner on the knitting bag is great. I love them both. Thank you so so much. Amy 

custom made knitting bag and pencil case

Many thanks to Linda for sending this awesome pic of herself and her new flat bottom zip bag, the Zini featuring some cute pigs!


Nancy contacted me to order a new Falcon mini messenger bag. She ordered one in 2009, came back for a new one in 2012 and when she came back to order her third she said........
Honestly, I've never had a bag that I like as much as this style ... I have some other purses, but I rarely use them ... this one is so lightweight, and I love all the interior pockets ... it's just perfect for me. 
I'm having a little trouble choosing a new fabric, but I'll bite the bullet and send my order soon.


I have several Kipsters ... and prefer the large size ... but they are fabulous for your various knitting or crochet projects and work well for other storage too (I have velcro rollers in one of mine!) Super well designed and made and I love all the different fabric choices available!! Chris

This is the nicest knitting bag I have ever seen! I LOVE my small kipster so much, I immediately ordered the large one. You have to hold it to fully appreciate just how well made and cleverly designed this bag is. The maker's claims about the quality are every bit true and then some. I also like the Eco-smart packaging. I was amazed when my bag came out of that tiny envelope and popped right into a perfect cylinder -especially since this is a sturdy bag. Thank you! Sandi

knitting sheep project bag review

Many thanks for this message I received from one of my regular customers, L.A. after I made her some new bags.

Why my newest Raccoon is so Splendiferous by L. A.

1.  It is like the original Raccoon I groveled to have you make :-), BUT like an upgrade with the pockets.  It still holds a ton of dvds because of how deep it is, BUT I have pockets on the sides to help better organize it.
2.  I LOVED, and still love, the fabric from my first, but it's so lovely to have such a big change!  AND it's like TWO bags as I have the whimsical witch on one side, and conservative and staid bare trees on the other :-).  
3.  My Sweet Pea exactly matches one side of my new bag.
4.  IT'S PERFECTION!  IT'S UNIQUE and DURABLE and it will last me forever :-)). 



custom made purses

custom made boutique bags


Say hello to Amie and her Vaper case, made with splatter skulls. How cool! Thanks for the great pic Aimie!
Here's the feedback she gave
"This vape bag is great! It holds all my tanks and batteries and coils. And it's really cute to boot!  "


 Many thanks to Cheryl for sharing these pics of her collection of my bags. She is a lover of pigs as you can see. :-)






 Here's a great photograph of Charlotte with her new Happy Piggies Scooter zip bag. How cute!

customer pics


Many thanks to Hilde, in Norway, for sending this beautifully staged photograph of her new Lily.


Boxy knitting bag


Many thanks to Becky for sending these awesome pics of herself and her custom made Panther Deluxe Messenger Bag. She contacted me and told me she had fallen in love with a specific fabric, could I do a bag for her, using it on the flap and pockets. She found the fabric she wanted and sent it my way.  

She sent these wonderful pictures along with the following:


"Well, my Zoë Bag went to Germany and Estonia and Finland and was the perfect carry-on the whole time. 
I see many years of use once I start teaching my college art classes again, too. 
As promised, here are some pictures of me with my bag at a place called "Polli Talu" (means Polly's Farm), located on the west coast of Estonia, not far from the peninsula of Virtsu. 
I lived there for 2 weeks while I worked on an art project of mine."

Many thanks to Becky for sharing these with us!







This is a Tallullah purse shown at Nina's restaurant in Kimberly BC. What a beautiful location. Many thanks to Pat for sharing it with us !

One of my regular customers sent me her own fabric, along with an embroidered applique she made. The bag she wanted was the Super Fox, for her daughter. Look at how awesome it turned out!




I always love sharing pics of my wonderful customers and their bags. This is Vanessa, with Zelda, and modeling her new Lucky Kitty Morphin Zeldina flap. Awesome! 


I made a Britta Tote as a custom order for a customer who said the kitty on the fabric looked like her cat. She sent me this awesome pic of the bag and her kitty, Austin, I guess he likes the new purchase! 

cat with new bag



Love this great, zippered Morning Glory bag which is perfect for my Kindle Paperwhite … and I can also carry my cell phone & cash or whatever extra I need around in the two zip pockets. This is such a handy size, I have ordered another to use as a purse organizer! So many fabulous bags … Karen & Zoes Bag Boutique rule! CW 

One of my pencil cases in Paris!

Pencil case in Paris



custom made purses and bags 

I honestly don't even know where to start raving about Karen's amazing fabric selection; perfect, beautiful work; and outstanding, professional interactions: suffice it to say that nothing I say can do all of it justice. She has the most fun, quirky prints that literally make me smile every single time I look at them! I have had these items a short time, and they have already brought me so much joy. Add to that totally meticulous and sturdy craftsmanship, quick shipping, and wonderful communication, and this shop is unbeatable. In addition to being so much fun, the items are extremely functional, and they have already served me well on a trip. Buy with confidence from this truly incredible shop! EH


As a sewist & knitter, it's embarrassing to admit that you go out in public with your craft in a crappy plastic bag. This bag is so awesome I don't even know where to start - it's beautifully made, robust, unique, holds my projects safely, allows me to strap it to the safety bar of the seat in front of me on the bus so I don't have to juggle, and the fabric is amazing. Every knitter needs one of these. Thank you!!

Perfect, perfect, perfect! Karen has some of the most interesting and fun fabrics I have ever seen. Every single item I have from her is meticulously crafted, and she always gets every detail just right; it is a total joy to work with her on custom orders. I enjoy her work more than I can adequately express! Using her bags for travel and organization make even the most mundane tasks fun and interesting. 

custom made bags and purses

I am a hard one to impress with most things and I was shocked at how blown away by this product I was. The seller was amazingly quick to get my custom order figured out and it turned out EXACTLY how I wanted it. I got it today and used it a ton already. I've been knitting for years and have spent an (almost) embarrassing amount of money on this hobby and I can honestly say that aside from the yarn itself, this is THE SINGLE best purchase I have ever made with my knitting hobby. Thank you so much.

I got my package!  Everything is great!!  Thank you so much!  No matter how beautiful your purses look in pictures, they are always better in "person!"  
Once again, thank you for a wonderful job, great service, and total commitment to your work.

I have always been extremely pleased with your work, and after all these years, I enjoy every chance we get to work "together."  But the very best moment is when the purses arrive at my door steps and we get to open the box and hold the beautiful final products!!
Thank you for making each order such a great experience!
Have a great summer,


Another wonderful project bag for knitters! The knitting sheep fabric is de rigueur for stitchers of socks, which by the way, are perfect-sized projects for this bag. Or, a shawlette, or hat, or scarf, or mittens, or....well, you get the picture. The bag is great for holding small projects easily. The waterproof lining is a plus, as are the heavy duty drawstrings and locking slide. Quality construction and great price help make this bag a win/win for knitters everywhere. Good job, Karen!  DH

Knitting sheep SueBee Round Drawstring Bag

I don't know too many knitters who can pass up knitting sheep on their project bags. I know I sure can't! That's why I had to snap up this bag that owner, Karen, created. It's a great size for carrying a sweater or shawl project, plus pattern, knitting magazine, extra yarn, and with a waterproof/stain resistant lining, bottles of water, and lunch, a day of yarn shopping or a knitting retreat is an easy reality. With Karen's quality construction, great price, and rapid delivery, this bag is a knitter's delight. Thanks, Karen! DH

Knitting Sheep Medium Fleur Tote wide

Custom made Kipster and the customer's feedback:
This is my second project bag from Zoe's Bag Boutique and I find them to be the most practical bags around. Beautifully made from sturdy fabrics and with enough pockets and extras to keep everything within reach. Highly recommend and as I have a gazillion projects constantly on the go, I know I will be back for a third Kipster bag down the track. Christine

custom made knitting project bag

I can use this as a weekender. The picture is beautiful. The pockets are marvelous! It is so well constructed that I'm sure it will do as Karen says- last a long time. I already have a wallet on a string in the mail. From BIG to small & everything in between. LOVE IT! Karen, I'm sure you've been told this already, but you're a MASTER at what you do- making people SMILE! :) Thanks so much...JC



I am always pleased to get photographs from my customers!  I am happy to share these with you. 

This pic shows the happy recipient of a custom made Sweet Pea, given to her by one of my regular customers.



Many thanks to Tiina for sending this awesome pic of herself and her new Zelda Deluxe messenger bag.
Why settle for a bag not quite right when you can get one custom made for you? I customized this bag for Tiina by adding a zippered pocket on the back per her request. She carries her bags on her left side so I oriented the open pocket and key clip so they would be right there by her left hand.

Feel free to contact me to custom order your dream bag 

Beautiful work. Like my previous purchase from Zoe's Bag Boutique, the bag is really well constructed and Karen made every effort to construct exactly what I wanted right down to the sections of the fabric I liked the best.. Even the carabiner is on the side that makes it easiest for me to get my keys out. <3 S

custom made messenger bag

I LOVE THIS BAG!!! I ordered the Super Fox with lots of pockets because I'm a busy lady and always have a bunch of gear to tote with me. Also, being a musician's wife I always have picks, cables, or a camera with me for shows. I like this bag because of the various ways you can wear it. It's adjustable so you can wear it short or long, over one shoulder or as I prefer across your body. I LOVE this woman's work. That's why I keep coming back. I have also ordered several of the knitting bags from her and I appreciate the attention to detail and pride she puts into her bags. Thank You :) MW


A happy customer, Jessica, with her Nevermore Falcon. She was doing a Dr. Who K-9 cosplay at a Sci-Fi convention. She said she was breaking her costume a bit because my bag was so impressive . So cool! 


 Isabelle sent this great pic of her Penny in her custom made Kipster, in Quebec



Mackenzie's pencil case with Rose. How adorable!

Hello Karen,
I love my new purse!  My husband and I went to Las Vegas this last weekend and he took these photos of me at Caesar's Palace with my beautiful blue lotus fabric purse in the Tootsie.  Thank you for making such awesome creations with beautiful and interesting fabric prints.
Best regards,


I work on the campus of Arizona State University, and took some pics of my Kipster on campus. 2 are of the fountain area beside the Memorial Union, one is in the Computing Commons (that’s where the bank of computers is)



A Morphin Zeldina Deluxe, with a padded pocket for an iPad. Kim reports the bag matches her Harley bags perfectly!

Sofia sent this great pic of her new Kipster in action at the beach in Sweden



We just opened Madeline's leopard pencil bag. Wow! It's perfect...exactly what we ordered. And the craftsmanship is amazing; you are really gifted. 
I attached a pic of our bag. 
Thanks again for making this custom order such an easy and fulfilling process. 



Say hello to Kaleb!  Check out his cool zombie bag.  What a great pic this is :-) Many thanks to his mom for sharing it with me


I am pleased to share these photographs of 2 custom made bags, sent to me by Renee'

She had me make a Kipster knitting bag and a matching padded case. They look great, thanks for sharing Renee'!