Here's the Stitch Knitting Needle Pouch featured in the Winter 2019 edition

See what's new. New inventory update:

In motion: large Zini, Raccoons, Flatie Jr, Suebees, Kipsters, zippered Mahjong sets, Fleur totes

In the planning stage: Flatie, Tallullah, Fox, Otters, large Kipsters
Custom orders always welcome for all styles!

Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates for Zoe's Bag Boutique

I can issue gift certificates in any amount you wish.

 Please contact me

I will create a certificate that you can e-mail to the recipient, or print, and give in person.
The giftee can use it in the shop or they can work with me to create a custom made bag of their choice.

If you would like to order a gift for them and just have me bill you when it is complete, we can do that as well.

Some customers want to provide the option for the giftee to select a bag from the shop, or to order something custom made, including shipping.

 In this case the best way is for the giftee to pick out, or order a bag, and then I bill the gifter for the entire cost.
I can send an e-mail inviting the giftee to come and browse the shop. Or I can send the e-mail to you, and you can print it and give it in person.

As is my style, I'm flexible
Let's chat!