In motion: large Zinis, large Kipsters, Racker, Racker and large Zini sets. In the planning stage: Matties, mahjong tote and tile bag sets, Raccoons.

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Components and Add-Ons
Zoe Pocket Set

This component, found in most of the bags, is so popular it has its very own page!

organizing pocket set for purses, messenger bags and shoulder bags

Key Clip
Standard in many of the bags

Add to other bags for
$2.50 USD
key clip in purse

Bottle Sleeve

Standard in
 Zelda Deluxe
Lynx Deluxe

Panther Deluxe
Tilly Shoulder Bag

On custom bags this bottle sleeve can be converted to a pocket, if you prefer.
bottle sleeve in bag

Flap Closure

and Hawk/Hawk Jr.
The Hawk Jr. is not in the shop. It's a Hawk without the interior padded compartment

Messenger bag clips
messenger bag clips

Adjustable Flap Closure on the larger Messenger Bags

Zelda Deluxe
Lynx Deluxe

Panther Deluxe

messenger bag adjustable clip

Adjustable Shoulder Strap

Standard on the messenger bags and most shoulder bags and larger purses

messenger bag with adjustable shoulder strap

Zippered pocket on back panel

Standard on
Falcon in black


On Tilly in the featured print

shoulder bag with zippered pocket on the back

Optional add on for
Tallullah and Tootsie 
Small Honeysuckle Tote
Hawk/Hawk Jr
$12.00 USD

Zelda, Zelda Deluxe,
Lynx, Lynx Deluxe
Medium Honeysuckle Tote
$14.00 USD

Panther, Panther Deluxe
Large Honeysuckle Tote
$16.00 USD

Exterior Side Pockets

Open Side Pocket

Standard in
 the Falcon which has two

messenger bag with side pockets

Zelda Deluxe
Lynx Deluxe
Panther Deluxe

each have one open pocket and one zippered

messenger bag with open side pocket

Zippered Side Pocket

messenger bag with zippered side pocket

zippered pocket on a shoulder bag

Side Cinching Hardware

side cinching messenger bag hardware

Standard on
Zelda Deluxe
Lynx Deluxe
Panther Deluxe

messenger bag

messenger with adjustable sides


Full Panel Laptop Sleeve
on inside back panel
Velcro flap for security
Standard on
Panther Deluxe

Add to Zelda and Zelda Deluxe
 Lynx and Lynx Deluxe

laptop sleeve in massenger bag

messenger laptop sleeve closure

lap top sleeve messenger bag

Interior side slip pocket
Standard on
Panther Deluxe

Optional add on to
Zelda/ Zelda Deluxe
Lynx/ Lynx Deluxe

messenger with pockets


Poochy Pockets

Available as an add on to the larger bags

Two side by side slip pockets designed to lay flat
 or pooch out when stuffed
Black or silver gray. Bone, pictured below, is no longer available


Poochy pockets mesenger bag

Poochy pockets mesenger bag
Poochy pockets mesenger bag

Adding length to shoulder strap, or waist belt

$2.50 USD

Removable Padded Shoulder Strap
Available for
Honeysuckle Totes
Allows adjustment to both sides of the padded section


removable shoulder strap

Non removable padded shoulder strap

Removable shoulder strap
1" and 1.5"
Buy alone to replace a strap on a bag you own
$5.50 - $6.50

or substitute on a custom bag you are ordering

replacement shoulder strap for bags

Adjustable rubber shoulder protector

Standard on the Panther and Panther Deluxe Messenger Bags
Optional add on to any bag with an adjustable shoulder strap
1" or 1.5" wide

messenger bag with shoulder protector

large messenger bag with adjustable strap and shoulder protector

Carry Strap/ Handle

Add to any applicable bag


Lining upgrade

Lining made with black pack cloth rather than oxford


Lining Upgrade in the Panthers

Includes all of the above, plus the laptop sleeve



Add to any bag





The Strappy Removable Wristlet Strap


Adjustable shoulder strap with one clip
Designed to use on the Kipsters knitting bags
shoulder strap

 designed to be used with my lighter weight padded cases and some shoulder bags

Padded cases for iPads and tablets

The Squirrel convertible iPhone purse
Made from 3/4" (1.905 cm) nylon webbing
adjusts from 22" (55.88 cm) to 42" (106.68 cm)
Extra long version available.
Adjusts from 32" (81.28 cm) to 52" (132.8 cm)
Removable adjustable shoulder strap with metal hardware
Side Release Buckles

For use on large Messenger Bags instead of the standard clips

side release buckle

An additional
added to the cost of the bag