In motion:mahjong tote and tile sets, Alpacas, assorted zip bags, Suebees, Raccoons. In the planning stage: messenger bags, Spinnys, Tillies, large Kipsters, Tillies, large Zinis.

Contact me to place a custom order, ask for help or receive a "newly in stock" email for mahjong sets.

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Customers, their bags and kudos 1

 I am filling up lots of pages with your wonderful photographs, please keep them coming!

Many thanks to Kasey for some awesome pics and a wonderful review of her new Tilly bag!


"This spooky bag is perfect for any spooky babe out there! The quality of this homemade messenger bag is created to absolute perfection. The 6 inch depth let’s me fit two textbooks, a lab top, my makeup bag, keys, phone, checkbook and plenty of zippers for pen & pencil storage as well as a water bottle holder on the inside of the bag AND two additional ones on the outside. I wouldn’t be able to find this quality or style anywhere else. Her customer service is also exceptional and would %100 recommend ordering something from here if possible as it will not fall short of expectations & is worth every penny. Awesome shop!"

customer with Zoe's bag Boutique Tilly bag