In motion: Alpacas, mahjong tote and tile bag sets, large Zinis. In the planning stage: Otters, wallet on a string, Matties, Racker, Racker and large Zini sets, Suebees, large Kipsters.

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Customers, their bags and kudos 5

I am pleased to share these new photographs sent by happy customer, Lisa.

As you can see she is a big fan of Halloween, as so many of my regular customers are!




Here is the adorable Zuki with her new movie monster diaper bag, a Panther Deluxe


Dear Karen,
The Daruma bags arrived in today's mail, and they are just as great as I expected them to be!
Thank you for all your work over the year. Now I am ready to pack. The hardest part will be to sort the bags and decide which ones I get to keep for myself. Honestly, I wish I could keep them all!
You have a lots of fans in Italy and California, and each of them is so happy when they find out they are getting one of your works.
Thank you very much for your taste, your creativity, and the wonderful service you provide your clients.
Have a super summer!



I am happy to share this awesome photograph of 2 of my bags. They are in Salem Mass, on the statue of Elizabeth Montgomery from the tv show Bewitched. Thanks to Heather for taking the time create this great photo shoot!



This is a Suebee drawstring bag, purchased as a gift, and on its way to Canada!


This is a custom made Tootsie purse with a matching Sweet Pea mini wallet, in the amazing Movie Monster print.
The awesome photographs were sent to me by the happy new owner. I love the poster in the background, and of course, the kitty is adorable!


This Lilly actually makes the most wonderful purse! I got one made into a purse. It is not too small, and not too big. I got so MANY compliments on my Lilly purse as the fabric was so beautiful and it looks dressy, and just enough for phone, camera, wallet, smaller hair brush and some touch up make up. Perfect for going out when you want the camera and phone, and some beautifying products with you. Lovely lovely as a purse. Rodneia

This is a Hawk Messenger bag. There is a padded pocket inside to protect an iPad, Kindle or other electronic tablet or e-reader. One of my regular customers sent me the fabric and here are her comments after receiving the bag.  

"WOW Karen!! It is beautiful!!!! My new Hawk arrived right on my birthday, and it is fabulous! I love how you placed the birds on the flap and side pockets. And all the pockets, inside and out, are fantastic. My new iPad mini fits happily in the padded inner pocket with room to spare. Thank you for once again making my birthday so special. You are the best!



Dotty sent this wonderful picture of herself with her new bag


This is Madame and Pocket :-) 

One of my favorite things to receive are pictures of happy customers with their bags!
This is Esther, with her custom made Christmas gift, a large Tootsie purse. What a great pic!


Two great pictures from customers in Norway!


I am so pleased to share this wonderful photograph of Rodneia and her children, as well as her comments about her Britta tote

"I am loving my Contigo bag, it is beautiful and so versatile and just shapes so well whether it is cross body or just carried like a purse.  I can shorten or lengthen the strap based on how I want to carry it, and it is always comfortable.  I had a change of clothes for my kids, my wallet, camera, phone, keys, bottle water, sun glasses, my son's asthma medication with the Aero Chamber, and still everything organized and so much room left.  

Here is a photo of me, my kids, and my wonderful bag taking a trip in Kauai, at the Plantation Railway in Lihue.  Mahalo."


I'm happy to share this picture of Candy, and her large Kipster made with the popular happy kitty print. She added a shoulder strap so she can walk and knit at the same time! Awesome. Thanks for sharing this great pic Candy!

I'm delighted to share more pictures from Mervi in Finland! Here she is, with her new Zoe Designs bag, in front of the Helsinki Cathedral
Thanks so much for sending the pics Mervi!