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Kipster, Tilly shoulder bag, Fleur tote, Mahjong set, Alpaca, Spinny, Gopher fanny pack, Large Tallullah, Large Tootsie, Wallet on a string

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Many thanks to Eeva for sending this great photograph. Here's what she wrote:


A while ago I ordered the cutest pencil case from you. Now it delights me every time I study for my Master's degree in technology in Finland, small city called Raahe. There is no university in Raahe, I study there from distant in Lappeenranta University of Technology.
You asked for pics, so here is a captured moment of studying accounting and cost management with greensmoothie and my younger catbaby! They are too high and royal to drink from the floor, so they require a nice fresh pint of water on the table. So what can mum do but obey ?
Thank you for this beautiful bag, and have a nice Autumn!
Greetings from Finland,
Zoe's Bag Boutique