See what's new. New inventory update:
In motion:  2 zippered mahjong tote sets should be done next week with more in the works, Spex glasses cases, Otters, Brittas, Flatie Jr
In the planning stage: Raccoons, Kipsters, Flatie, Tallullah, Fox
New product: The Essence padded pouch for essential oils.


Zoe's Bag Boutique
Thanks for stopping at  Zoe's Bag Boutique.

Here you can find an eclectic mix of options to build your own bag, or buy one off the rack.
Zoe's Bag Boutique isn't your run of the mill shop, it's the place to find your dream bag.
Enter at your own risk, you might not want to leave!



Allow me to introduce Rummy and The Dude checking out Diane's new custom made set of Zoe bags.

Diane ordered a Honeysuckle tote with a Zoe Pocket Set inside and a zippered pocket on the outside. She added a Suebee drawstring bag with a customized height (tall) in order to hold her Chinese mahjong tiles which are larger than the usual. Now she is all set to carry the equipment when a group of friends gather to play mahjong.

Let's get to the most important question I had. Which one is The Dude? Both fur kids look like they could fit that moniker. Diane tells me it's the greyhound because when the adoption van brought him to her house he pranced around like he owned the place! The face on that little Rummy tells me there is an overload of personality  there as well.
Custom made soft side tote for mahjong racks and tiles
Custom made mahjong rack and tile bag tote