3 mahjong tote and tile sets just listed! Please contact me if you would like to get on the waiting list and place a custom order, or receive an email when new sets are listed.

See what's new.   In motion:RaccoonsIn the planning stage: more mahjong tote and tile bags, Flatie, Fox, Otters, Alpaca

  Custom orders always welcome for all styles

Only Colorado residents pay sales tax!

Shipping Costs

I find the shipping options of the shopping cart somewhat limiting. I can only have four options. (Remember, I like options, 100's and 100's of fabrics etc!)
I suggest going with first class for the least expensive items, and priority when you hit the $35 range. Please feel free to contact me and ask for a true shipping rate. I'm happy to do that, and bill you direct, especially international orders.


US First Class

up to  $18.00                $3.00
$18.01 to 45.00            $4.00
$45.01 to $55.00          $7.50
$55.01 to $60.00          $20.00
$60.01 and above         $20.10

US Priority

up to  $50.00                $7.20
$50.01 to 80.00            $10.29
$80.01 to $100.00        $11.75
$100.01 to $140.00      $13.75
$140.01 and above       $15.75


up to  $40.00               $10.00
$40.01 to 140.00          $17.00
$141 and above            $20.00

Everywhere else

up to  $35.00               $13.60
$35.01 to 110.00          $22.35
$110.01 to $210.00      $25.35
over $210                    $30.00

International customers are welcome to check with me for shipping costs
Please be aware that you may incur customs charges. I have no information on what that might be. Sorry I can't mark your package as a gift.