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Dragonflies Wallet on a String
Dragonflies Wallet on a StringDragonflies Wallet on a StringDragonflies Wallet on a String
Wallet on a String

This dragonfly wallet is suspended on a string so whether you are in line at the grocery store, or getting a coffee latte at a small bistro in the south of France, all you need is hanging right there on your shoulder, organized and ready to go.

Need to carry more? Just put the string inside the wallet and drop it into a larger bag.

 A passport fits neatly in the top or lower pocket.


21.59 centimeters


When closed
15.24 centimeters

When open
30.48 centimeters


127 centimeters


The outer shell

 Stain resistant, water repellent
 600 denier poly duck overlaid with the featured cotton print.

Lightweight but sturdy
A customer tells me it survived an accidental visit in the hamster's cage!


Durable black 400 denier poly pack cloth
stain resistant, water repellent
Pocket edges taped
velcro closure

2 zippered pockets
3 open pockets
a wallet window for your i.d., credit cards, and photographs
wallet on a string with pockets

wallet on a string with phone pocket

wallet on a string for phone

Jeannie and her wallet on a string
wallet on a string sizing

Kim and her wallet on a string

Custom orders welcomed
Use the layout of the dragonflies to identify the front
Dragonflies wallet on a string travel passport
Zoe Designs Ltd
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