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The Strappy-Attachable/Detachable Wristlet Strap, pick your color
The Strappy-Attachable/Detachable Wristlet Strap, pick your color
The Strappy

Attachable/Detachable Wristlet strap

Designed as an add on for any Zoe Designs Bags that feature a d-ring.

Sturdy strap, classy clip, low key profile.
Designed to be used for carrying small, lightweight bags

The Clip:
1.5" from end to end
3.81 centimeters

.5" at the widest point
1.27 centimeters

The Strap
6" from top of clip to folded end of web
15.24 centimeters

Black .75" wide nylon web.
1.905 centimeters
all other colors are lightweight polypropylene

attachable detachable wristlet strapp

What Customers Say

...I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU... I can SEE that you put a great deal of care into your work... I know, it's just a strap, but I looked it over closely, and I love your handiwork! It is so neatly done, and well... perfect! You put a great deal of pride in your work, I can see, and I thought I should tell you, that others that buy your items are so very lucky and will be MORE than pleased! Have a great weekend, and thank you again!

attachable detachable wristlet strap

removable wristlet strap black red green blue brown beige
black nylon (6 available)
red polypropylene (9 available)
beige polypropylene (10 available)
brown polypropylene (10 available)
royal blue polypropylene (10 available)
dark green polypropylene (10 available)


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