In motion: assorted zip bags, Suebees, wallets on strings, Raccoons. In the planning stage: messenger bags, Spinnys, Tillies, mahjong tote and tile sets.

Contact me to place a custom order, ask for help or receive a "newly in stock" email for mahjong sets.

Face masks are here.  Now made with an organic cotton lining.

Only Colorado residents pay sales tax!


Show and Tell Rewards
Share the Love with
Show and Tell

I've created a rewards program
to thank all of you who are helping spread the word about my products. Many of you have asked for business cards to hand to people who admire your bag.

I've done more than that
Click on the Butterfly to download a sheet of cards in pdf format.

Print the page, add your name to the cards, and hand them out to anyone interested.

You get a $5 credit when the customer you refer spends $25 or more and enters your name at checkout, they get a 10% discount on their first order, I get a sale! *

Something for us all!

Looking forward to adding you to the Show and Tell Rewards List

Thanks for all your support, you are appreciated.

Want to include this on your blog? Let's talk!

* (in stock items only, not custom orders)

Customer Testimonial

So I am a huge fan.... and I love my bag, but today it loved me back.  I dropped my car off with a mechanic this morning and then walked a mile through a fairly affluent neighborhood to my favorite bookstore to spend the afternoon reading.  In my bag I had a school book and a "for fun" book, my iPod, my knitting (expensive yarn) my wallet and various other things.  Around 4 in the afternoon my car was ready so I started to walk back.  Halfway there a kid (maybe 16 years old) came up behind me and grabbed the strap of my bag.  I kept my hand firmly around the strap.  I tugged and he tugged and I hit him and tugged back.  I hadn't closed the bag all the way, so he reached inside, grabbed my wallet and ran off.   But my books and my iPod and my knitting and everything else was safe. 
The strap held - isn't even damaged.   If I had closed the other side of the bag he wouldn't have gotten anything.

For the record, I don't recommend fighting back... but this time it was all ok.
Thank you for making such a sturdy bag.