See what's new. New inventory update:
In motion: 2 Tilly shoulder bags, Tootsies, Raccoons
In the planning stage: Fleur totes, Spinny drop spindle cases, Large Tallullahs, Large Tootsies, Flatie Jr, Otters
New product in development: padded pouch for essential oils.

Customers and their bags 1

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Thanks to Mary Ann for sharing this wonderful photograph of her kitty Tablet, and her new Sweet Pea mini wallet.
cat with Zoe's bag boutique wallet of iPhone or smart phone

Fast shipping very well packaged. Excellent communication with speedy response time. Beautifully made with great care and high quality workmanship! Love the print and quality fabric she uses I was especially excited when I noticed the witches faces were green which didn't show on my laptop. Very happy with my purchase and like always will be a return customer Thank you :) CB

Custom order witches bags

Many thanks to Eeva for sending this great photograph. Here's what she wrote:


A while ago I ordered the cutest pencil case from you. Now it delights me every time I study for my Master's degree in technology in Finland, small city called Raahe. There is no university in Raahe, I study there from distant in Lappeenranta University of Technology.
You asked for pics, so here is a captured moment of studying accounting and cost management with greensmoothie and my younger catbaby! They are too high and royal to drink from the floor, so they require a nice fresh pint of water on the table. So what can mum do but obey ?
Thank you for this beautiful bag, and have a nice Autumn!
Greetings from Finland,
Zoe's Bag Boutique

cat drawstring bag for Rummikub or mahjong games

This is a very lovely bag! I gaze at it every day with so much joy and satisfaction about my purchase! Thank you so much! Annette

Many thanks to Penny for sharing these photographs of her Zoe bags. This one is the Stitch, designed to store long knitting needles, Penny tells me it will hold a knitting project too as we can see here.
zippered pouch for knitting needles and projects
Penny and her new Alpaca bag, designed for large knitting projects. Siren, as is usual for cats, wanted to be included!
Large knitting project bag

Many thanks to Anathema Steele, model and belly dancer, for sharing this amazing photograph of herself and her Sebastian Ghastlie Tallullah purse.

Anathema Steele

Keri sent this great photograph of herself with her new Morning Glory
Zoe's Bag Boutique customer

Patsy sent these pics of her Morphin Hawk messenger bag at Torreya State Park in Northwest Florida.

Messenger bag with removable flaps

Messenger bag with changeable flap

Cheryl sporting her custom made Honeysuckle shoulder bag.


camping bag

This is Vanessa. She is a truck driver and plans to use her Sweet Pea mini wallet on her route. She gifted her sister, a ballet dancer, a Deep Scribe zippered bag.

customer with a wallet

ballet pencil case

I LOVE this bag!!! The pocket/strap configuration is perfect. The material is actually quite durable. The print is adorable! This bag is my go-to day-to-day bag and has also already comfortably escorted me to and from Vegas and Southern Utah (as a perfect “personal item”). I get so many compliments about the cute print and functionality of this bag. I’ve been on a life long quest for the perfect bag, and this very well may be it!


cat messenger bag
Many thanks to Beverly for sending this wonderful photograph of her mahjongg group with their new Slide mahjongg bags. 
Mahjongg players with Zoe's Bag Boutique Slide bags
Thanks to Laurie for sharing this wonderful photograph of her Mahjongg group with their Zoe Mahj bags in action!
Customers playing Mahjongg with Zoe's Bag boutique Mahjong bags
Thanks go to Tess for sharing this photograph of herself and her Kipster in Orvieto Italy
Kipster in Italy
Thanks to Laura for sending this pic of her Move Monster Fox Shoulder Bag visiting some friends.
Retro Movie monster shoulder bag
Thanks to Samantha for sharing these photographs of her Sweet Pea mini wallet and her Kipster on the beach in Cancun.
Knitting bag in Cancun
Mini wallet
Many thanks to Lea who continues to send me pics of her travels with her Kipster. Here she is on Mount Snowden in Wales. Yes it's summer. 
Zoe's bag Boutique Kipster knitting bag in Wales
You may recognize Lea from past posts where she was knitting her way around some beautiful spots in Scotland and Wales. She shared this photograph and this message:

"Here I am in Guatemala last week on Lake Atitlan! We spent about 2 weeks there setting up a hospital and operated on 203 patients! 

Recognize the bag???!"


Kipster knitting bag Zoe's Bag Boutique


Many thanks to Patty for sharing these photographs. She has some very special pieces of knitting equipment, as you can see.

  She wanted a bag large enough to corral them in one place, for ease in finding, and transport. She selected a stunning Asian fabric, which added to the whole feel of luxury.


I did a custom sizing for the bag. Some of those needles are quite long and would not fit in any of my standard sized zip bags. Lined it in a study silver gray packcloth and there you go, perfect for her supplies.


Custom made bag for knitting supplies



custom made bag for large knitting supplies

Many thanks to Fiona for sharing these amazing photographs of herself, and her friend, dressed for the Halloween Ball. Their Sweet Pea mini wallets make the perfect accessory for carrying those small items a witch needs to have on hand.
I'm so pleased to share this photograph of one of my Kipster knitting bags in Russia. Many thanks to Elena for sharing this with us.
owl knitting bag
Many thanks to Sarah for sharing these wonderful photographs of herself, and her Kipster.
Kipster knitting bag
On top of Mt. Oberg in MN with a view of Lake Superior. 
Kipster knitting bag in Iceland
Outside a knitting shop in Iceland
Zoe's Bag Boutique
This is a shot of my Lynx Deluxe (portable art studio) and my Squirrel (faithful wallet, notebook, keys, and phone carrier) out at the Manawatu Estuary.  This place is listed as a Wetland of International Importance.  I was there to see (and do some sketching) of the Bar-tailed Godwits which fly all the way from Siberia to New Zealand to escape the winter.  That's a flight of 11,000-12,000 km which takes them an average of 8-9 days!
Zoe's Bag Boutique

And this is my Sweet Pea (with Grabby the cat),  still going strong and it keeps all my access cards organised and lives most of the time in the car.
Zoe's Bag Boutique

This is my SueBee, such a versatile bag.   Before you made me the Lynx I used it for small sketching supplies out and about.  Now it comes to work with me holding all those essential bits and pieces.

Halloween knitting bag
My thanks go to Shirley for sharing with awesome photograph of herself and her Monster Suebee knitting bag 

Many thanks to Lea for sharing some amazing photographs of herself, and her Kipster knitting bag, traveling through the UK.

These two were taken at Pembroke Castle in Western Wales.

Learn more about this amazing place here

Knitting bag at Pembroke Castle



knitting bag at Pembroke Castle

Lea knitting at Pentre Ifan stone burial site (3500 BCE) in Wales
knitting at Pentre Ifan stone burial site (3500 BCE) in Wales
knitting in Wales
Lea on Strumble Head coastal trail in Wales
Stumble Head trial in Wales 
Many thanks to Debbie for sharing this awesome pic of her new Sebastian Ghastlie Raccoon Deluxe, Scooter, and a very interested, Luna. How sweet!
black cat shoulder bag
Many thanks to Trudi for sharing these photographs of her new Kipster knitting project bag. She says "I love using my new project bag, and, as you can see, Eva loves it too (maybe a little too much!)."
black cat and knitting bag
black cat and knitting project bag
Thanks go to Megan for sharing this wonderful photograph of herself, on a cruise, using her dachshund Scooter zip bag!

Many thanks to Sheryl for taking the time to take, and share, these wonderful pics of a Suebee drawstring bag she bought, as a hostess gift for game night! She kindly took pics of the bag in action with Rummikub tiles, and next to her koi pond too.

She said "Also, just want to say how nice it feels to put our hand in the bag to fetch a tile!  Smooth and silky!"


The Suebee bag can hold Scrabble, and Mah Jongg, tiles as well.


drawstring bag for Rummikub tiles



drawstring bag for Rummikub tiles


tile bag for Rummikub


I am so pleased to share this wonderful photograph, and kind words, from a happy customer, Jeannot


Hi, Karen...  I've been using my new kipster for three days now and I couldn't be happier with it! 

I've been searching for and collecting knitting project bags with pockets for a few years (surprisingly, they're still quite uncommon) and yours is the first to have more pockets than I actually need (though I'm sure I will find a use for all of them in time!)  And the yarn graffiti fabric is truly awesome...

Here's a photo of me using the bag in front of the yarn shop where I work called Ewebiquitous, in charming Lititz, PA.  My friends and coworkers are wowed by the bag; we'll likely be seeing more of your bags in PA in the future!

 Thank you, 



Say hi to Toni, one of my long time, and wonderful, customers :-)
Toni has quite a nice collection of my bags. She and her daughter, Lola, have Morphin messenger bags, with removable flaps. Toni recently ordered matching Day of the Dead Cats flaps for them both. How sweet!

Many thanks to Keri, and Boris, for sharing these awesome pics of her new, custom made, Super Raccoon shoulder bag, in a fabric called Ouija Board, and the padded case for her tablet.
custom made shoulder bags
custom made boutique style bags
I am delighted to share these wonderful photographs with you. I recently had an order for 33 of my Scooter zip bags, made with the popular gymnastic fabric, I have been using for the last few years. Many thanks to Erica, from AGA Gym in California, for sharing these pics of the gymnasts and their new bags!
gymnastics zippered bag gifts
gymnastics zippered bags gifts
gifts for gymnasts
girls gymnastics gifts
girls gymnastics zippered supply pouch
knitting bag

I feel like I have the perfect and hippest knitting bag in my two state area Duluth/MN and Superior/ Wi. I go to work with a smile on my face and my vampires hanging off my wrist. LOL LOL This will be perfect to carry my knitting in when I go to the movie theatre too. Yep, I knit in the movies too.

Thanks again.



I made this bag as a custom order, Christmas gift. The giftee, and the giftor, both sent me a copy of this awesome pic. I love the little red dragon sitting next to it! Many thanks to them both.

What Kate said about her new bag

"I absolutely love my bag. I am a huge fan of pockets for my knitting and was surprised to see there are plenty in this little bag. The quality is some of the best I have seen….I can never have enough knitting bags. keep up the good work and thank you again!"


 Many thanks to Tish for sending this awesome pic of herself and her new Wisteria mini wallet!

Here's what she said

"I absolutely LOVE it!!! It is perfect for what I wanted it for!  It will fit my iPhone 6s with the otter box case and clip on it, as well as cash and id plus room for more!!! The workmanship is gorgeous!!!! Thanks so much!!!!"

Find a Wisteria mini wallet for yourself in my shop


small purse for iPhone 6s