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Flower Pups Fauna Deep Tote
Flower Pups Fauna Deep ToteFlower Pups Fauna Deep ToteFlower Pups Fauna Deep Tote

These simple, deep totes are perfect for carrying who knows what, who knows where. They are also great for storing your larger knitting projects, or for carrying a Kipster and a Suebee at the same time

They make a great gift too.

 This is a no frills tote that can be customized if you so desire
Too deep? You need the Fleur.


Black 600 denier poly duck
stain resistant
 water repellent
Overlaid, with the featured cotton print, on the front and back

black nylon packcloth
stain resistant
 water repellent
easy to wipe down
allows your yarn to slide easily if used as a knitting tote

Black nylon webbing
78.74 cm
unusual tote bag with long handles

wide                   tall                          deep              

14"                     12"                          5"
35.56 cm            30.48 cm                  12.7 cm


Boutique style tote bag 14 x 12 x 5

Custom orders welcomed


cute dogs and flowers tote bag

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