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Face masks are here.  Now made with an organic cotton lining.

Only Colorado residents pay sales tax!


Alphabet Adjustable Face Mask - MADE TO ORDER
Alphabet Adjustable Face Mask - MADE TO ORDER

This alphabet face mask is made for personal use, it is not medical grade but was designed to meet the CDC guidelines for covering your face when going out in public. It is designed to be comfortable, useful, long lasting, and good looking, with some Zoe touches to make it stand out.


Outer shell: cotton        

Lining: cotton twill

The cotton twill is heavier than the usual cottons I use and gives a bit more structure and thickness to the mask.

unusual and adjustable face masks Zoe's Bag Boutique

A sleeve on the inner top edge holds a pipe cleaner or other wire to help secure the mask over your nose. Pipe cleaner included.

The ends of the sleeve are open allowing you to remove or replace the pipe cleaner.

Unique and unusual adjustable face masks for personal use Zoe's Bag Boutique

2 14" pieces of 1/4" wide elastic are included.

face mask with elastic

3 options to custom size the elastic to wear:

around your ears

around your head and neck

or crisscross on your head.

unusual unique adjustable face masks for personal use

One end of your mask elastic will be attached to a top ring to show you how to thread it, experiment to find the best fit. Cut a bit longer than needed and attach to the opposite ring. Repeat for the other side.

adjustable face mask Zoe's Bag Boutique

Unusual adjustable face mask Zoe's bag Boutique

messenger bags made in USA




Alphabet adjustable face mask Zoe's Bag Boutique

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