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Maria De La Luna Wren, special occasion purse
Maria De La Luna Wren, special occasion purseMaria De La Luna Wren, special occasion purse

The Wren special occasion purse is small and lightweight and designed to carry a few essentials such as your phone.

These fabrics are from a new line by popular designer Tula Pink. Tula shares the background of this line in her own words.

"The De la Luna Sisters are the not so distant cousins of the Von Black sisters, who made somewhat of a name for themselves a few years ago in collection called Night Shade. While the Von Black sisters drew their power from more earthly elements, the De la Luna sisters cull their magical gifts from the spirit realm. Once a year, as fall crashes into winter, the matriarchs of the De la Luna clan call on their ancestors, acting as vessels for their vast power.

Maria De la Luna, the youngest of the three sisters can see into the great distance of the future as she draws her power from the most clairvoyant spirits in their lineage. She uses her prophetic sight to write letters to mean girls informing them of the exact time and place that they will die or sometimes when their boyfriends will break up with them depending on how mean they are."


special occasion dressy smart phone purse for weddings parties



Outer shell
600 denier poly duck
Overlaid with a special occasion fabric to give it that Zoë personality!

Black polyester taffeta





15.24 cm



14.605 cm

Zipper opening


13.335 cm



special occasion dressy smart phone purse for weddings parties


An interior divider allows you to separate the contents.

special occasion smart phone purse for weddings parties


special occasion iPhone purse for weddings parties


A wallet window is offered as an add on to carry your i.d, credit cards and some money if you wish.

Wallet Window-wallet window, i.d. window, id window, place to store cards


Tula Pink's Maria De La Luna iPhone purse 

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