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Bird Love Mini Wallet Purse Organizer, iPhone wallet, The Sweet Pea - CLEARANCE
Bird Love Mini Wallet Purse Organizer, iPhone wallet, The Sweet Pea - CLEARANCEBird Love Mini Wallet Purse Organizer, iPhone wallet, The Sweet Pea - CLEARANCE

This birds and flowers Sweet Pea mini wallet, purse organizer, standard sized iPhone or smart phone wallet is sturdy, small but roomy, and slips easily into a purse.
This will hold a standard sized iPhone. See the Wisteria for larger iPhones and smart phones.

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Too small?
See the Wisteria


17.78 cm

10.16 cm

Top zipper opening
15.24 cm

A zippered outer pocket
A zippered inside pocket

mini wallet with inside zippered pocket

A small d-ring on the side for keys, or add a  wristlet strap or a carabiner
mini wallet with d-ring for wristlet


Outer shell
600 denier poly duck
Overlaid with a cotton print to give it that Zoë personality!

Black polyester taffeta

Custom orders welcomed

small wallet purse organizer smart phone purse

iphone purse

What Customers Say

I just wanted to tell you thanks again, for the absolutely wonderful mini-wallets you created based upon my needs and wants. They were such a hit at Christmas and I have already received great responses from my loved ones saying how much they like them. Not only are they practical, they like the "one of a kind" aspect based on their hobbies, personality etc That really touched their hearts. The extra zipper pocket inside is perfect for a book of stamps and special items like your business card,favorite pen, etc. I use the outside zipper for my credit cards and D/L and the inside for my folded money, change, and receipts. It is light but durable, takes up little space so I don't have to change wallets when I use my dress up purse, fanny pack, or small purse. It is just perfect and weighs nothing.

I hope your other clientele know how lucky they are to have such a talented gal who will custom make your request -- and so reasonably.

I just can't thank you enough.

Gerry Lynn

Of all of the many Zoe bags I've collected, this is my first Sweet Pea - and these bags never cease to amaze me. This is a very sturdy little wallet and surprisingly roomy - perfect for holding cash, cards, and even a cell phone. These little wallets make perfect, unique gifts - this one is for my daughter, but I'm going to have a hard time parting with it.:) Lightning fast shipping, as always, too.:) Thank you, Karen!! Lisa

I adore my Sweet Pea! I put all of my scan tags (grocery, drugstore, gas) on the D-ring - gets them off of my keychain and are always handy at checkout!  Edwina 

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