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Red Leopard faux fur knitting project bag, large Kipster
Red Leopard faux fur knitting project bag, large Kipster

A round drawstring bag designed to carry your medium sized knitting projects.

I worked on this design with a customer who wanted a bag that she could use while walking and knitting.
After a bit of Googling, on my part, I discovered this is a growing trend and this type of bag is commonly called a KIP bag, for Knitting in Public.

Due to customer request I designed this larger version of the Kipster.
It is taller and has a larger diameter than the Kipster but the pockets are the same depth.
red leopard faux fur knitting bag 

Don't need pockets? See the large Suebee


30.48 cm
red leopard faux fur knitting project bag


19.558 cm
red leopard faux fur large knitting project bag with pockets

Two zippered pockets circle the exterior
Great for stitch markers.

26.67 cm

12.7 cm

large knitting project bag kipster

A d-ring is located between the two pockets.
This provides a place to hold while zipping the bag closed
also a place to attach a pair of scissors, or other tool, to avoid leaving them behind in some random waiting room, on a park bench, or on the bus. The scissors can still be dropped into the pocket, but are secured to the bag as well.

knitting project bag with pockets kipster
A set of  pockets circle the bag’s interior


12.7 cm

Three slots for needles
1.75” wide
4.445 cm

Three open slip pockets
7” wide
17.78 cm

6” wide
15.24 cm

5" wide
12.7 cm

A split key ring attachment point for maximum versatility

drawstring knitting project bag kipster
Located at the upper back of the bag

This allows you to...
 attach a knitting gauge, or other tool to the bag
 attach a carabiner to the bag to hang from your belt, belt loop or another bag
You could also purchase a wristlet strap
an ABC shoulder strap
or an
adjustable shoulder strap that can also be used as a belt.

A cord lock allows you to secure the bag's contents.


Outer shell
cotton print

silver gray 420 denier nylon packcloth.
 Its smooth surface allows your yarn to move easily while you knit. 

custom made boutique bags made in America

Purchase this Kipster alone or customize it to suit your needs below

Print layout varies on each bag
This bag will be made to order


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