In motion: assorted zip bags, Suebees, Fleur and Fauna totes, Alpacas and Alpaca Deluxes. In the planning stage: messenger bags, Tillies, Kipsters, Morning Glories, Raccoons, more mahjong tote and tile sets, Gopher fanny packs.

Contact me to place a custom order, ask for help or receive a "newly in stock" email for mahjong sets.

Only Colorado residents pay sales tax!



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Hi Karen,

 I just wanted to let you know that I got my order with my masks and they are fabulous!  I absolutely love them, by far the best masks out there.  Great craftsmanship and they are easy on the face, the material is so nice and does not irritate like other ones I was using.  First masks I have used where I felt everyone around me is protected, but that I can also breath with ease.  The elastic and the loops works wonders and allows me to put the mask on, but also to pull it down on my neck while I am in my office without constantly touching them.  I am always in and out of my office and when I am in my office alone I can pull the mask down, but still have it there, then just quickly pull it up if I need to walk out or someone comes in. 

Plus, they are so pretty! 

Love your product, just wanted you to know. 





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