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The Large Tarquin, Padded case for Larger Smart Phones, iPhone 6S Plus

The Large Tarquin is sized for smart phones up to the size of the iPhone 6s Plus, or the Nexus 6P
It's a padded accessory bag sized to hold phones, music players, and other electronic gadgets that need some protection and measure up to:

6.23" x 3.07"x .29"
15.82 cm x 7.79 cm x.  .736 cm
boutique style padded case for iPhone6s plus with inside earbuds pocket

Tarquin's Dimensions

8.25 " 
20.95 cm

8.89 cm

Zipper Opening

19.05 cm


Outer shell cotton

Lining black nylon taffeta

1/4"( .635 centimeters) padding to provide protection.

Interior zippered pocket 

iphone purse with inside zippered pocket

d-ring on the side.
d-ring on iphone purse
This allows you to attach the case to something else, using a carabiner.  You can also add a wristlet strap. Both are available as optional add ons.