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Knitting and Crochet Patterns Portfolio, The Pippa

knitting and crochet pattern portfolio


The Pippa a large zippered bag designed to be used as a portfolio. It holds a standard sized magazine with ease and can be used to carry important documents, knitting patterns, or even clothes when traveling. You will find many uses for the Pippa Portfolio and it also makes a wonderful gift.




silver gray lining


zippered portfolio for kniting patterns or documents

Zipper closure

33.02 cm

9 3/4” deep
24.765 cm

Zipper Opening
12 1/2”
31.75 cm



Boutique style Zippered Portfolio Made in USA


If you don't see any Pippa portfolios below that means I don't have any in stock. No problem I would be delighted to do a custom order for you.
Custom Orders Welcomed