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In motion:  2 zippered mahjong tote sets should be done next week with more in the works, Spex glasses cases, Otters, Brittas, Flatie Jr
In the planning stage: Raccoons, Kipsters, Flatie, Tallullah, Fox
New product: The Essence padded pouch for essential oils.

Case for Game Card Decks, The Carder


zipperd case for Munchkin cards, zippered case for Cards Against Humanity, zippered case for card decks


The Carder zippered bag is designed to hold decks of cards for card games such as Munchkin and Cards Against Humanity.

Cards about the size of a standard playing card will fit and The Carder can hold up to 200.


 Cotton exterior

Fully lined with black nylon taffeta

Zipper closure

27.94 centimeters

12.065 centimeters

Zipper Opening:

27.94 centimeters

zippered pouch for Munchkin cards Cards Against Humanity and other card games


custom work welcome