In motion: Alpacas, mahjong tote and tile bag sets, large Zinis. In the planning stage: Otters, wallet on a string, Matties, Racker, Racker and large Zini sets, Suebees, large Kipsters.

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Messengers with removable flaps
zoe's bag boutique custom made messenger bags

The Morphin bags and flaps are custom-made for you. Once you have decided on the bag size please contact me to discuss the fabrics you would like for your flap(s).
See the fabric albums here, good luck picking only a few!

View the bag sizing and capacity page to see photographs of customers with their bags.
You should find this very helpful in deciding which size bag you need

size  chart for Zoe's Bag Boutique messenger bags

size  chart for Zoe's Bag Boutique messenger bags