Here's the Stitch Knitting Needle Pouch featured in the Winter 2019 edition

See what's new. New inventory update:

In motion: large Zini, Raccoons, Flatie Jr, Suebees, Kipsters, zippered Mahjong sets, Fleur totes

In the planning stage: Flatie, Tallullah, Fox, Otters, large Kipsters
Custom orders always welcome for all styles!

Knitting and Crochet Accessories
Zoe's Bag Boutique unique and useful knitting bags and accessories

My customers are buying Tootsie and Tallullah purses to use as knitting bags

They are also using the Morning Glory clutch as a knitting notions organizer
Check out the Deep Scribe pencil case if  you need a deeper pouch for knitting and crochet accessories, like pencils and scissors etc.

What customers say
I cannot recommend these bags enough. Her shipping is fast, her bags are very well made, and she has excellent customer service.
 Note to knitters/crocheters/spinners:
 1) Suebee and Kipster drawstring style bags are large enough to fit socks, shawls, and I've even carried my spindle and some fiber in them.
 2) the lining fabric is smooth, so if you want to carry your spinning, the fiber won't get caught on it!
 3) For those who "cake" their yarn on a ballwinder... the cake fits perfectly on the round bottom.
Get one! Or 2... Stephanie